Four Ways Disasters Fuel Cyberattacks

September 14, 2023

Your business, in all likelihood, already faces numerous challenges in today’s tech-driven world. However, the aftermath of an unexpected disaster can push your organization to breaking point. This unintentionally creates opportunities for cybercriminals to launch devastating attacks, amplifying the chaos caused by such events.
Disaster preparedness should be a top priority for your business...

Don't Forget Cybersecurity in Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

September 13, 2023

A disaster preparedness plan helps businesses withstand any calamity. However, many businesses are unaware that a cybersecurity strategy is also crucial for building a robust disaster preparedness plan.
By incorporating cybersecurity into your emergency preparedness plan, you can better protect your business during critical incidents and minimize the impact of cyberthreats. This will help you enhance...

Do You Know What Disasters to Protect Your Business From?

September 11, 2023

Download our infographic to build a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan.
Disasters come unexpectedly and in all sizes. A natural disaster, like an earthquake or flood, can devastate your business and cause immense financial and physical loss, while even a simple coffee spill can disrupt business operations.
That's why you must know how to respond when calamity strikes, irrespective of how big...

Ready to Disaster-Proof Your Business? Here’s Your Guide

September 7, 2023

Our eBook could be the vital first step toward fortifying your business against any storm.
Are you grappling with uncertainty about where to begin when it comes to creating a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan? Don’t worry. We have a solution to your problem.
Introducing our eBook “Weathering the Storm: A Business Leader’s Guide to Disaster Preparedness.”
This comprehensive...

It’s Time to Bust These 4 Ransomware Myths

April 24, 2023

In today’s digital age, ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly frequent, sophisticated and costly. With cybercriminals constantly evolving their tactics and targeting businesses of all sizes, organizations like yours must proactively safeguard your data and systems. Unfortunately, many companies fall prey to common ransomware myths, which can leave them vulnerable to attacks and unprepared...

Top 9 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Cybersecurity

April 21, 2023

When it comes to protecting your business from cyberthreats, having the right tools and technology is only half the battle. You also need the expertise, controls and processes to manage and mitigate these threats effectively. That’s where a managed security service provider (MSSP) comes in.
Think of an MSSP as your outsourced cybersecurity department, ensuring your technology is safe, secure...

The Best Defense Against Ransomware

April 12, 2023

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts files on a device or network, making them unusable until the victim pays the attacker a ransom. What started as a simple virus spread through floppy discs in the late 1980s has now evolved into a billion-dollar cybercrime industry.
Even with new security measures in place, ransomware groups are constantly evolving to adapt to them and launching...

Minimizing Cyber Supply Chain Risks through Effective Vendor Selection

February 27, 2023

As a business owner, it's crucial to prioritize the security of your supply chain and choose vendors that are committed to implementing best-in-class defense measures. This is because supply chain attacks can exploit weaknesses within your supply chain to infiltrate systems and cause harm to your business and reputation.
You must always strive to select vendors having a track record of being consistent...

Top 3 Supply Chain Risk Misconceptions

February 20, 2023

Supply chain attacks are a primary concern for businesses nowadays. With technology becoming increasingly advanced, businesses like yours must ensure there are no vulnerabilities in the supply chain.
Unfortunately, many companies still believe in certain misconceptions about supply chain risk management, which can be dangerous and lead to severe consequences. In this blog, we'll examine some of the...

How to Effectively Manage Supply Chain Risks

February 13, 2023

There are many benefits digital transformation has brought to businesses like yours, such as easier inventory management and order processing. However, it does make organizations more vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. A breach occurring anywhere in your supply chain could have severe repercussions for your business. So, how can you protect your business from these threats?
Deploying security...

Recommended Best Practices to Reduce Cyber Supply Chain Risks

February 6, 2023

What exactly is a supply chain attack and how does it impact your organization? A supply chain attack is a type of cyberattack that targets an organization’s external suppliers and vendors. This can have significant consequences for the organization, such as financial losses, damage to reputation and costly recovery efforts.
The process of identifying and mitigating potential risks to your supply...

The Dangers of Running Outdated Software

January 23, 2023

Your software is only as good as its last patch. Reaching End of Life (EoL) or End of Service (EoS) means critical patches and updates are no longer available, leaving you vulnerable to various problems.
Some make the mistake of not rushing to upgrade the software because it is still functional. However, outdated software can lead to security risks, data loss, compliance issues and more.
In this...

4 Practical Steps to Take When Hardware and Software Expire

January 16, 2023

When a software or hardware product reaches its End of Life (EoL) or End of Service (EoS), it's no longer supported by the manufacturer. This can be a cause of concern for organizations like yours because unsupported technologies have no routine internal security measures or support from the manufacturer.
The good news is that there are steps you can take to mitigate the risks that come with EoL software/hardware...

3 Technology End-of-Service Myths

January 9, 2023

It's crucial to keep all software and hardware up to date to maintain optimal security. If you don’t, cybercriminals can easily infiltrate your network and the chances for downtime increase significantly. However, many businesses don't realize that expired software/hardware can actually be one of the most prominent security risks hindering their success.
If you are among those who continue to...

Did you know hardware and software expire too?

January 2, 2023

We are all aware of the term “use by date.” It is regularly used when talking about food and medications and refers to the date after which the product is no longer safe to consume. However, did you know that your software and hardware can expire too?
This is because technology is constantly evolving and advancing. What was once cutting-edge can become obsolete in the blink of an eye.

4 Practical Steps for Vendor Cloud Backup

December 26, 2022

When you entrust your business data to a cloud-based platform, you expect it to be safe and sound. However, most cloud platforms like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Salesforce acknowledge their backup shortcomings and recommend having an additional backup and recovery solution for your cloud-based data.
This is because cloud-based platforms often have limited data restoration capabilities, which...

4 Core Benefits of Cloud Backup for SaaS Platforms

December 19, 2022

Businesses like yours are increasingly adopting cloud-based solutions to keep up with the rapidly changing technological landscape. According to a recent study by Gartner, cloud adoption will not slow down anytime soon.*
Many of these organizations, however, are unaware of the critical importance of having a backup for their cloud-based data. If data is lost or deleted, it can be tough—or even...

99 Problems but Cloud Backup Isn’t 1

December 12, 2022

Data loss is a genuine threat to all businesses. Not only can it cost a lot of time, money and other resources to fix, but it can also be a huge pain to deal with when you have other pressing business matters to handle. While there are plenty of reasons data can be lost, such as hardware damage, software malfunctions and natural disasters, the most frequent cause is something as simple as human error.

Myths About Business Cloud Backup Platforms

December 5, 2022

Your data is essential for your business's success. There’s no doubt about it in the modern digitized era. However, not having a backup for your cloud-based service provider can result in the loss of this valuable data.
This is where the confusion begins because you must now decide how to back up your data. There are numerous options available and choosing one can be difficult. Most importantly,...

How an IT Service Provider Can Simplify Budgeting for Small Businesses

November 28, 2022

Do you find budgeting for IT challenging? If so, you aren’t alone.
While the IT budgeting process can be tricky for small businesses, it can be especially difficult for those trying to do it all by themselves. With so many aspects to consider, such as routine/ongoing IT services, projects, refreshes and accidents/incidents, it can be tough to prioritize each and everything and still have funds...

Don’t Overlook These 3 Technology Budget Categories

November 21, 2022

Are you considering all the necessary technology categories when planning your annual budget?
Technology is essential for any modern business such as yours, but it’s easy to focus solely on routine services that keep the lights on. This could lead you to miss crucial budget categories, leaving you scrambling when unanticipated needs arise.
Keep reading to learn about three critical budget categories...

4 Common Technology Budgeting Mistakes

November 14, 2022

Are you planning to include your IT needs in your annual budget this year? If so, congratulations! You're doing something incredible to ensure your small business’ success.
Budgeting for technology can be tricky. On the one hand, you want to be ready for anything, but you also don't want to overspend and waste valuable resources. It's a delicate balance that many fail to achieve.
We've compiled...

Tech Budgeting 101 for Small Businesses

November 7, 2022

With the new year around the corner, now is an excellent time to review your organization’s budget to ensure your business has the resources it needs to continue to grow and prosper in the coming year.
It’s important to understand that in today’s highly digitized environment, technology shouldn’t be an afterthought. You need to have a clear and well-defined IT budget since...

4 Employee Cyberthreat Traits

October 24, 2022

To succeed in today’s modern competitive business landscape, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. This will equip you to identify areas where employees may need further training, including cybersecurity awareness.
Are you sure that your employees can resist threats and prevent cyberattacks?
Certain employee traits can indicate a lack of cybersecurity knowledge...

4 Cyberthreats Small Businesses Need to Know

October 17, 2022

Data breaches have become more common in recent years, owing primarily to the rapid emergence of new threats. According to a new study, the average cost of a data breach increased 2.6% from 2021 to 2022.* Hackers can now access sensitive information a lot easier than ever before, thanks to the growth of the internet and the increasing interconnectedness of businesses. They can then sell that information...

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