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Zirkle Tech focuses on helping small to medium sized businesses who cannot afford to have an IT Department on staff. There are many companies out there who use computers, but do not have a staff or person devoted to computer repair or taking care of their systems. This is where Zirkle Tech comes in. Read more about Zirkle Tech »


Computer Repair
Are you having issues with your computer? Let us take a look at it. We also offer remote support, which allows us to log into your computer and help troubleshoot your issues without even having to come to your home or office.
Are you interested in creating a network in your office? We specialize in Client/Server Networking.
Office 365 Setup
We can help you get Office 365 setup! Contact us for more information.
Online Backups
With so many untethered laptops and mobile devices, IT is challenged with protecting distributed data.
Web Services
Looking to grow your business? We offer a full range of web services including website design and hosting, email hosting, and digital marketing - all customized to your needs.
Electronic Services
Electronics can seem simple enough to set up for some, but can turn into a nightmare of cords and parts. Let us help you clear up the confusion.
Computer Lessons
As technology changes, so do the computer skills that are necessary for everyday tasks, professional work, and up-to-the-second communication. Lessons offered by Zirkle Tech’s proficient and skilled instructors are designed to help anyone at any skill level. Whether you are a professional in need of updated technology skills, new to computers altogether, or looking to develop a new hobby, we offer a wide range of lessons for everyone's computing needs.
Custom Computers
Don't you wish you could buy a computer with only the components and software you need? Zirkle Tech will design a desktop computer around your needs and build it for you.
Need a new domain name or other web product?
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