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About Us

Zirkle Tech focuses on helping small to medium sized businesses who cannot afford to have an IT Department on staff.

There are many companies out there who use computers, but do not have a staff or person devoted to taking care of their systems. This is where Zirkle Tech comes in. We can support your business' computer needs both remotely and onsite. If you need help, we can either log onto your computer or server and make the changes from our office, or if the issue requires we can come to your site and take care of your issues. We also offer lessons on how to use some programs more efficiently or just to gain a better knowledge of computing.

Our services are not limited to the business world. Zirkle Tech also helps out the home user. If you have a home office or just a personal home computer we can assist you. Again, we can aid you either onsite or remotely. Our home offerings are not limited to the computer. We can help with setting up audio/ visual products as well. If you just purchased a new television we can come out and set it up. This also includes surround sound, and video game systems. If you are new to computers or would like to learn a little more about the programs you have we can give you lessons to make you more comfortable using your system.

With any of our services, we will organize wires we have run, consolidate remotes, and clean up after ourselves. We pride ourselves on delivering a high level of customer service. We are able to meet many of our client's needs within a short amount of time. This allows them to be able to focus on their work and not be held back by IT issues.

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